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🌱 Embracing Climate Resilience and Nature Led Solutions: Insights from University Collaborations 🌍

Collaboration is key to creating a more climate-resilient, nature-led future for people and nature. One positive side is that universities and other organisations, such as the previous site visit in Spring 2023 at Belmont Estate Gil Martin have a passionate drive to share their knowledge, lessons learned, and strategies.

Last week marked another knowledge-seeking journey in our collaborative efforts as we embarked on a compelling study tour with the University of Exeter. Led by David Evans Head of Grounds, Rosalind Shaw ,Sustainabilty Manager (Biodiversity), and Nicola Corrigan, Head of Sustainability Programmes, the tour offered invaluable insights and discussions. Alan StealeyJames Fiddock, #AndrewHughes (farm manager), and #KateButler (Branding & Relationships) represented the University of Bristol. Seeing case studies in action brings greater understanding and opens up ideas and innovation - 'Seeing is believing'. This tour is linked with our work Landsmith Associates Ltd supporting the objective of the University of Bristol Living Estates Strategy.

The tour underscored the fundamental role of #greeninfrastructure in nurturing social, economic, and environmental prosperity, which is particularly evident in the evolution of university campuses. Beyond physical spaces, these outdoor environments serve as research assets, benefiting students, academics, staff, the broader community and more.

Here are some highlights from our experience:

🌿 Onsite hydroponics and sustainable food production, supplying University kitchens and plants for students.

🌿 Creating tranquil spaces and activities during fresher week, prioritising student well-being and integration.

🌿 Commitment to Nature Positive Pledge strategies with cross-department, students and staff steering groups to also align with well-being goals, civic engagement, sustainable supply chains, and operational practice beyond just estate management.

🌿 A community garden fostering long-term connections with students and the wider community, nurturing local food initiatives and outdoor engagement.

🌿 Emerging potential offsite Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) habitat bank at the University campus and the lessons learnt with development, BNG provision, and landscape character.

🌿 Innovative waste management practices, including onsite composting of biodegradable packaging, bridging research and sustainability efforts.

The parallels in both University's approaches highlight the collective commitment towards a more sustainable, biodiverse future. By sharing knowledge and discussing common barriers and solutions,  resources, and best practices, we pave the way for transformative change and resilient ecosystems.

A big thank you to David, Ros and Nicola for dedicating the time to guide us around their university campus


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