A collective approach to change -  creating timeless designs for nature that people  enjoy and can relate to

 How we work

Our role is dynamic; we:


  • facilitate and set the scene for green infrastructure and public health-led masterplans and strategies;

  • enable and create inspiring new places for people and nature which contribute to health and well-being; 

  • steer and problem-solve through collaborative lateral thinking;

  • consider the whole lifecycle of the project and beyond;

  • create places that relate to context, people and nature;

  • look at quick wins to long-term impact; 

  • use digital technology as part of our design thinking and process.


To create a successful project, we like to have full access to all relevant information, client, stakeholders, communities and consultant teams allowing us to deliver a smooth running and rewarding project on time and budget. 


Landsmith Associates is a collective of specialists and technicians who are experts in their field. Bringing the particular skills and experience that the individual project requires. 


We work in collaboration with ecological designers and ecologists Burton Reid Associates on a number of green infrastructure strategies for universities, parish and town councils, community land trusts and private commercial and public developers.  For more information on Parish Green Infrastructure here, for information on Green Infrastructure Feasibility Studies visit here.

 Who we are 

Landsmith Associates is a landscape architecture and urban design consultancy based in Bristol has projects located in Wales and England.  Multi-award winning director Sarah Jones-Morris was born in Oxford and studied in Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, France and The Netherlands and worked in Sydney, Australia.


Sarah is a Fellow of the Landscape Institute and has an MA in Urban Design. As acting Chair of the Landscape Institute South West, she is heavily involved in bringing together members at Institute events and serves as a member of the Urban Design Group. In 2019, Sarah proudly became a Fellow of the Landscape Institute.  Sarah is a panel member of Design West Design Review Panel and is a qualified Building with Nature Assessor, a first in the UK assessment and guidance on green infrastructure planning and delivery for new development.


Landsmith Associates Ltd was established in 2017 by Sarah after gaining 19 years experience in established professional practice. Her experience ranges from rural to urban, small-scale courtyards to an urban extension, early feasibility studies to post-implementation review.  She has had various roles; chair, public speaker, policy maker, lead designer, project manager, contract administrator, mentor, community and stakeholder facilitator, design critic, bench designer  event organiser and tea maker.


In 2016, Sarah in collaboration with Ramboll Acoustics and Formant Acoustics started Bristol Soundwalks contributing to the citizen science programme Antonella Radicchi Hush City on making people aware of noise pollution, impact on their health and seeking quiet spaces 


Sarah is the co-founder of the Association of Collaborative Design with a number of other co-designers, created to form a network, educate, facilitate and improve community engagement knowledge and skills in the built and natural environment sector.

For more information here on publications, public speaking and workshops. 

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