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Tour da Bristol Housing - the good, the bad and the ugly

Always good to explore new and old housing schemes around Bristol #BuildingwithNature in mind with Dr. Gemma Jerome FLI, Amanda TaylorClare van Someren and Cynthia Filipiak

The scheme that stands out the most was #HanhamHall, completed around 2013. Although it didn’t achieve code for sustainable homes 6, it was verified in 2016 to be zero carbon standard (thanks, Greg Morgan BSc MSc MCIOB for the update and note)

It’s ageing quite well, has a well-established community and has a great variety of landscape features and character. It fails a little on parking, lack of public transport and 🚲 routes, but this is a city/UK-wide issue. 🌳 planting is a bit dated (monoculture) and has a few redundant green spaces on the whole; definitely worth a visit. However, it highlights how newer developments have not progressed: Hanham Hall should be a baseline level of development, not an exemplar.

Code for Sustainable Homes might not have been perfect. Still, it at least pushes development in the right direction for a more sustainable future. It demonstrates the importance of peer review assessments and how they can make a difference, like Building with Nature.


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