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Steering Committee for BHL Building Health Lab

Sarah Jones-Morris is delighted to be invited to be part of the steering group for the UrbanCare Capacity Building Health Lab Hub with other diverse and highly experienced researchers, practitioners, and policymakers will focus on quality assurance, problem-solving, and decision-making of work plans and activities of the project over a three year period.

In the face of a global climate and health crisis, our central motivation is to quicken the pace of scientific knowledge transfer and tools that capacitate current and future professionals with skills (knowledge, technical and soft skills) for creating evidence-based projects. Moreover, establish a transdisciplinary working culture across researchers, practitioners, and experts to assist urban development policymakers and public officers in making informed, efficient, and timely decisions.

The UrbanCare Capacity Building Hub is a project for Higher Education Institutes (HEI) to develop five learning modules in fields that WHO and UN determine as a priority to close the gap between ‘can and do’ in the climate and health crises. Two modules are for practical training and three for capacity-building:

(i) Data Management;

(ii) Environmental Health Impact Assessment;

(iii) Urban Health Policy Planning;

iv) Health-centred Urban Planning and Design and;

(v) Urban Health and Development Management.

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