Sarah Jones-Morris, was invited by Hattie Hartman of the Architects Journal to talk about climate change, future nature and health led landscapes and cities, and Home of 2030 Igloo Regeneration’s winning proposal, about how green and blue infrastructure permeate the scheme.

AJ Climate Champions podcast: Home of 2030

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Sarah Jones-Morris has been selected to be part of a new cohort of Design Council Experts. This new and exciting initiative is part of Design Council to deliver

its design support and design advice services in partnership with a network of experts drawn from a range of professions, experience and backgrounds. This network enables our in-house team to provide bespoke design advice that bring together local knowledge and world-class expertise.

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We partnered up with Igloo Regeneration , Mawson Kerr, Useful Projects and Cast Consultancy are joint winner in the UK government’s Home of 2030 competition. +Home prioritises nature and community over profit and seeks to abolish soulless housing estates.

We collaborated with Igloo's team in co-designing streets, parks green space, gardens and other outdoor environment framed around Building with Nature.