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Exciting news: Fellow of the Landscape Institute

Super exciting and humbled to have been invited and accepted into the College of Fellows at the Landscape Institute:

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction we can tell you that the Landscape Institute Board of Trustees endorsed the decision to confer you membership of the Institute as a Fellow in recognition of your achievements, confirming you status as an expert and senior leader in our industry.

The LI recognises your successes with your significant contributions during your career covering over twenty years and your progression to becoming a senior leader and establishing your own practice.

You have been proactive in progressing your professional standing and are a significant influencer through your work on the LI committees and also as a member of other recognised bodies and forums at a senior level, including work that champions diversity.

Your knowledge sharing and best practice is acknowledged through the publications, research and speaker roles. In addition, the awards that you have received recognise the high standard and profile of the projects you have been involved in and led, and acknowledged as such across the wider profession.

We need your help as an industry leader as our Institute focuses on:

· Taking action in regard to climate and biodiversity emergencies

· Promoting careers and courses through our #chooselandscape campaign

· Developing new entry standards

· Raising the profile of the profession

· Influencing key decision makers

· Being more inclusive

· Giving back to society

We would also actively encourage you to stand for elected positions and committee membership, where you can use your expertise, knowledge and voice to help influence and shape your Institute.

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