Avalon Marshes Visitor Centre, Shapwick, Somerset

Avalon Marshes Visitor Centre, Shapwick, Somerset

Landsmith Associates was appointed by Orme Architecture/Kier and Natural England to design a new landscape masterplan for the regeneration of the Avalon Marshes Visitor Centre part of Shapwick Nature Reserve. 

Our role was to work in collaboration with Orme to change the grey and hard, frequently flooded car park into a lush green and welcoming landscape. Particular details in the selection of materials and planting selection to suit site conditions, also due to its ecological and landscape sensitive areas. Planting details were designed by Flavia Goldsworthy.


Our design creates a new landscape that refers to the local landscape character and better reflects the identity of the nature reserve.  The proposals included a new entrance and arrival space, informal play area and reform the dipping pond, soften the car park and alleviate localised flooding in an area with a high water table. Also, included sensitively enclosing the restructured historic buildings and Viking boat, a new education building and covered seating area for the cafe.


The masterplan was approved in January 2019 and planned construction in two phases. Phase 1 was completed in May 2019.  The groundwork was completed by Kier Contractors whilst Landsmith oversaw the planting works were completed by Artisan Landscape.


Phase 2 is estimated to start in November 2019 subject to funding.

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Orme Architecture / Kier Contractors

and Natural England


Shapwick, Glastonbury, Somerset

Completion Date

Phase 1 - May 2019

Phase 2 - to be confirmed